Fountain of Love Glasgow Scotland

7Days of Prayer and Fasting       Thursday 1st to Wednesday 7th September
Theme: TOTAL FRUITFULNESS. Psalm 107: 35-38
Prayer points taken..

1. Thanksgiving for the new month. Psalm 103
2. Pray that God of the new month will make a new season in our lives. . Jeremiah 1:5-7
3. Everything that is forbidden for me I forbid it o Lord
4. Encounter with destiny. Joshua 1:8
5. Father renew tomorrow for us, our waiting will not be in vain

1 .Let us appreciate God for His goodness, mercy and showers of love. Jeremiah 10:6-7, 10
2. Father every disobedience that has brought dryness, wilderness experience, stagnation and unfruitfulness to my life, Lord Show mercy and remove it now. Jeremiah 11:3, 10 b
3. Father turn every wilderness of our lives into standing water and every dry ground into springwaters Isaiah 5:8-6
4. Father loose the bands of wickedness from my. Psalm 107:35
5. Father in the cause of this fasting period, appear to me. Genesis 48:3-4
6. Father by the time this month is coming to an end rejoice over me. Deuteronomy 30:9 b

1. Lord help me to sow into myself. Galatians 6:7-8
2. I will not sow into the wrong place; I will sow into fertile land. 
3. Father cause my seed to grow. 1 Corinthians 3:6, Genesis 1:22-24
4. Lord bring to pass your declaration of fruitfulness in my path
5. Lord concerning the seeds that glorify you that I have planted. I call forth into fruitfulness
6. Father all the unholy seeds that is linked to me, Father have mercy on me... I separate myself from them
7. Lord cause my fruitfulness to come in good season. Matthew 21:19

DAY 3 
Spend time thanking God for all his blessings. Psalm 103, Romans 8:32

Hymn chorus...
Because he lives
I can face tomorrow
Because he lives
All fear is gone
Because i know he holds the future
And life is worth the living
Just because he lives

Psalm 107: 33 - 38
1.Everything that represents wilderness in my life become a river of Abundance in Jesus name
2. Every dry ground in my life, become a spring of water in Jesus name.
3. O Lord bless the work of my hands. Let everything I put my hand to prosper in Jesus name.
1 chronicles 4:9-7, Proverbs 26:2
4. Father let every evil name bearing fruit of sorrow in my life be destroyed today in Jesus name
5. Father enlarge my coast, in every area of my life enlarge to the left the right in front behind, north, south , east and west, Isaiah 54:1
6.Father help me over take all my over takers in fruitfulness ( concerning your job hunt, your health , your career, where you are in life ) etc
7. Lord restore the years that I have lost in Jesus name
Thank Him
• For what He has done
• What He is doing
• What He is about to do

DAY 4 
Job 34:32
Thank Him
Magnify His name 
Thank Him for what He has set to do in our lives
1.Father that which I see not, that which I must have done wrong father forgive me, I will do it no more
2. Father this is my season of fruitfulness, I will not miss my portion
3. Father as you remembered Joseph, remember me this month and give me a breakthrough
4. Father open the book of remembrance concerning me
5. Father because this is my month of fruitfulness, whatever is holding my feet and hands down, let them be broken
6. Father, in this season of my fruitfulness, i decree, nothing good will die in my life, family, ministry, house, church...
7. Father in this month of my fruitfulness, everyone that has looked at me and said "where his /her God, Father is show them who You are.
8. Father prove yourself
9. Father in this month of September let every step I take usher me into my next level
10. Father it doesn't matter how many people have gone ahead of me, help me to overtake my over takers
11. Still all my future storms, let all my sorrows, troubles, come to an end
12. Father because this is my month of fruitfulness, let the east wind blow and reach me for greater grace, take me higher

1.Father turn every desert in my life to pools of water. Isaiah 41:18-20
2.Father Bless the works of my hands
3.Father in my profession, business, and career, let me enjoy total fruitfulness
4. Father spiritually in my work with you let me enjoy total fruitfulness. Col 4:10, 2 Peter 3:18
5. Father grant me the grace to obey you in all I do that I may be fruitful. Leviticus 26: 23-24
6. Father let my fruit abide in the mighty name of Jesus. John 15:2
7.God it is your commandment that I should be fruitful, Father cause me to be fruitful
8.Father cause my hands to be fruitful. Psalm 1:3
9.Father send your latter rain before us. Deuteronomy 11:14
10.Lord the season of my fruitfulness is now; don’t let me loose my season
11.Father put a mark on me that the world will know that I serve a living God
12.Father cause me to be blessed, Father cause me to be fruitful
13.Father lift my head up, I am tired of being in this situation
14.Father you have done it for Hannah, father please give me the same fold of fruitfulness
15.God of heaven it is now my turn, let me rejoice

1.Father thank you for your faithfulness
2. We bless your holy name
3. Lord this place will become a region of testimonies. Gen 28
4. Father if there is anything that can hinder our prayer... Father we ask for your mercy
5. Father wash me clean o Lord 
6. In every way that I have rendered myself unqualified, Father let your blood qualify me. Psalm 92:12-14, Matt 7:7-8
Father help me to be planted o Lord
7. Anoint us for total fruitfulness, victory. Acts 10:38
8. Lord grant me seed to sow, Help me to see the seed. 2 Corinthians 9:10-11
Father still every storm in our lives
9. Father please enlarge our coast. 1 chronicles 4:9-10
10.Father give me my rain in my due season. Leviticus 26:4 
11. Father every land that you have given me let it yield increase
12. Father cause me this time to increase spiritually, physically and financially
13. Lord this is my open door let me go through it Revelation 3:8
14. In this month of open doors, I will increase
15. Father in the mighty name of Jesus showcase me. Ezekiel 36: 30
16. Father anything contrary to total fruitfulness this month I reject it. Jeremiah 29:11
17. Lord help me to cooperate with you

1. Father every purpose you have created before i will fulfill them
2. Everything that serves as a hindrance father take them away
3. Father make me a blessing to others and a great nation
4. Father i will not walk out of grace
5. Father I will not walk contrary to your word
6. Thank God for the prophesy that has come forth
7. Thank God for the revelation of His word
8. Father do not let me go the same way I came
9. Father touch me with your mighty right hand
10. Father clothe me with righteousness
11. Father send me my Ephraim in my land of afflictions
12. Father I will not go back
13. Lord come and quenches every thirst in my life. Isaiah 55:1
14. Father grace that will cause other people to want my kind of testimony release upon me
15. Lord... your grace will speak in my generation, my children's lives
16. Father your sufficiency will touch every area of my life
Father cause me not to walk in the counsel of the ungodly. Psalm 1:1-3
1. As we partake in the communion tonight I will receive favour in the name of Jesus
2. I receive power to spoil every Egyptian in my life
3. Lord put to shame every principality and power that wants to stop my fruitfulness put them to shame
4. Lord I receive victory over every power trying to stop my fruitfulness
5. Lord give me an overnight miracle


1. Thou son of David have mercy on me tonight. Mark 10:46-52, Revelation 3:7
2. Lord in the name of Jesus because you have heard my cry I am going up. Exodus 3:7-8
3. Father everything that represents closed doors will give way
4. Lord from now onwards let my life express your blessings. Genesis 1:28
5. Let your blessings flow through me. Deuteronomy 7:14
6. In the name of Jesus I shall not be barren
7. Every form of bareness I take authority over you in the name of Jesus
8. Everyone that is called barren, tonight it comes to an end
9. Everyone owing in anyway tonight it comes to an end
10. Father every striving I have seen in the pass I shall see them no more
11. God has made room for me
12. Fruitfulness is an unlimited growth. Psalm 1:3
13. No more limit to my growth 
14. No more limit to my breakthroughs
15. Fruitfulness represents beauty
16. Father let the beauty of the Lord be seen over the works of my life. 1 Sam 12:3, Psalm 90:17
17. Father I curse every near success syndrome.