Fountain of Love Glasgow Scotland


                                                                   What I See


I see a world in its dying throes

With a people that doesn’'t want to know

That a saviour died for them

About 2000 years ago

A people mercilessly beaten to and fro

By the devil – our earthly foe


I see a people who have refused

To know their GOD

Who have turned their back on the almighty Lord

A people too blind to see that

In Him lies an everlasting sea of Joy –

No more toil


Then I see us – the Christians

Sitting on our Islands of self content

Failing to inform them of the devils intent

And never taking time to beg them to repent


I see our Saviour on the cross of Calvary

I see his tears

I feel his pain

He’s wondering why those of us called by his name

Are ashamed or perhaps too busy to reach out

And save these souls

From the fiery flames 

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Give Me A Man Of God


Give me a man of God - one man

Whose faith is master of his mind

And I will right all wrongs

And bless the name of all mankind


Give me a man of God  - one man

Whose tongue is touched with heaven’s fire

And I will flame the darkest hearts

With high resolve and clean desire


Give me a man God – one man

One mighty prophet of the Lord

And I will give you peace on the earth

Bought with a prayer not a sword


Give me a man of God  - one man

True to the vision that he sees

And I will build Your broken shrines

And bring the nations to their knees

                                                George Liddell