Fountain of Love Glasgow Scotland

My Testimony

I got married in Oct 1999 expecting to start having children immediately.

As the bible says ‘…my ways are not your ways’, so months passed by and nothing happened. I became worried and so I visited a Gynecologist, started ‘charting’, etc but still after about 6 months nothing happened. I then made my husband visit the doctor. After the first visit my husband said he was not ready to ‘waste’ his money on the doctors because he knew that we are fine.

During this time a year had passed and my relatives were asking me questions about children. In order to keep them off I told them that I was on family planning. Fortunately for me around this time my husband got a job in The Gambia and I was only too happy to run away from everyone I knew because of questioning eyes.

Each month when I found out I was not pregnant I became very sad. I began taking it out on my husband - I had to blame someone especially when he was not showing as much interest as I was in the matter.

I use to put a pillow under my blouse and pray to God that one day I will look like that. Whenever I see children around I just couldn’t help wishing for mine.

Later on, my husband made a pledge, saying if God would give us a child he will give one (1) month’s salary, but instead of waiting for the child to come he just went ahead and sowed the salary. About three (3) months later I started feeling unwell and went to see the doctor, lo and behold, the good news that I was pregnant!!!

To God’s glory, on exactly my birthday in December 2001, the Lord heard my prayers and wiped my tears away – I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, Halleluiah!

I am giving this testimony to encourage everyone waiting for the fruit of the womb. If God can do it for me, He will do it for you no matter how long you have been waiting on Him. Please do not give up. He is a merciful and faithful God.